Typical use cases

Glossary of terms and
context-sensitive help

If you use Popoverify, visitors will not have to leave your site to search for the meaning of used abbreviation or technical term.

Simply create your own glossary of terms as a library and connect it to your website. All items from the glossary of terms will be explained directly on your web as context-sensitive help.

Functionality will be a benefit for all sites dealing with professional, technical or special topics.

Glossary of terms and context-sensitive help
Inline help for attributes on ecommerce platform

Inline help for attributes
on ecommerce platform

High quality information on products often determines whether a potential customer buys a product at your store or not. Modern ecommerce platforms support product attributes, but most of them do not enable you to explain their meaning.

With Popoverify you can easily explain the meaning of all technical terms used in the description of the product or its attributes.

Connect libraries of attribute definitions managed by our community to your store and benefit twice. First, get a competitive advantage. Second, save valuable time needed to fill the data.

Inline product info boxes

Because Popoverify context help popup allows to insert not only text content but also to include an image and call to action button, it is well suited for product presentation.

Import your products to created library and connect this library to your website.

Popoverify will automatically replace mentions of products or services in regular text for wonderful information boxes on mouse over or on touch effect.

Added value of product information will increase user experience and conversion rate of your store.

Inline product info boxes
Inline business cards of people

Inline business cards
of people

Be more personal on your website and put a face to your people. With the help of our service you do not need to do comprehensive modifications on your sites.

Simply create a gallery of your employees, upload their photos and add descriptions of their positions and responsibilities. Connect this gallery to your website and we will do the rest.

In the same way, you can also create contact cards or personalise any text about famous people, family, pets or others.

Content sharing
through multiple domains

Are you a corporate company or simply running several internet projects at once? Sharing content across multiple websites has always been a problem and we are aware of this fact.

With our service content sharing is painless. Content that you create in Popoverify for a single page, can be automatically used for your other pages.

Such simple and effective steps. No need to duplicate data for each and every website. You save a lot of precious time which can be devoted to your business instead.

Content sharing through multiple domains
Inline promotion tool in marketing

Inline promotion tool
in marketing

Popoverify offers virtually unlimited possibilities in marketing. It is well suited for presentation of action offers and bonus programs in text.

You can use it as extended linking tool when information popup with call to action button will appear when you hover over simple text or link.

With Popoverify you can create interactive advertising and transform common text to conversion channel.

Various use cases

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