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Credit system

Popoverify uses credits as an internal payment currency.

100 credits has a value of $1.00.

Credits can be obtained in several ways:

  • you may buy credits for real money,
  • you earn credits by sharing your libraries with other users,
  • you earn credits by inviting friends and getting referrals.
Credit system

Pricing plan



per website
per 30,000 visitors
per month

Get my first 300 credits

You do not want to spend money?

No problem, let's make a deal

If you contribute to our community and if you share your libraries with other users,
we will give you FREE credits for each and every contribution you will make.

You can also check our Affiliate program.

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Credit packages

I will pay I will get
$10.00 1,000 credits
no FREE credits
$20.00 2,000 credits
no FREE credits
$50.00 5,000 credits
+ 200 FREE credits
$100.00 1,000 credits
+ 1,000 FREE credits
$200.00 20,000 credits
+ 3,000 FREE credits
$500.00 50,000 credits
+ 10,000 FREE credits

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't your service free?

We are small self funded startup or more precisely, a group of enthusiasts. Our goal is not to earn hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, but we want to provide a quality service with high added value, which is based on community and that is affordable for everyone. To make this possible, we need to pay our employees and bills.

Can I try the service before I pay?

Certainly, as a new user, you will receive 300 FREE credits after registration. You can use these credits to try out the service.

For what I pay?

You definitely do not pay for any content we provide. All context help libraries created and shared by our community are FREE a will always be FREE. You pay for server capacity and technology you are using. We need to scale our server infrastructure and develop the service.

Why only one pricing plan?

We do not restrict anyone on functionality. The only thing that matters is how much you use the Service, and all this is covered by our pricing plan. If you use a little, then you pay a little. If you use more, you pay more.

How much will I pay for a website with 100,000 visitors?

For every 30,000 visitors to your website you will pay 300 credits. If you have 100,000 visitors, then you will pay 1,200 credits = $12.00 each month (100,000 / 30,000 rounded up to whole number times 300 credits).

Can I get a discount for my website with high traffic?

As we said, we only offer a single price tariff. However, when buying a larger package of credits you can earn up to 20% extra credits FREE of charge.

How can I contribute?

We appreciate any kind of contribution. Feel free to follow us on Facebook or Twitter . Tell your friends about our service. Contribute to our public libraries. Comment or post about us. Propose new features.

What do I get for my contribution?

If you want to spread our platform, you should definitely check our Affiliate program. If you contribute to our public libraries section, we will give you FREE credits for your contribution. You will earn 10 credits per each and every library item. Create a library with 30 items and enjoy your free month.

How much context help items can I use on my web?

It's up to you. We do not limit the number of connected libraries to one website, but we recommend using maximum of thousand context help items per one website. No tool should be overused.

Why limit of 30,000 visitors?

This limit aims to cover majority of personal websites and small blogs with less than 1,000 visitors per day. We think that the limit of 30,000 visitors per month is generous for the price of $3.00.

How do you count visitors to my website?

We count visitors as a number of requests to our server. Each of these requests transfers necessary data to your visitor. New server request (visit) is generated each time when some visitor opens your website in a new browser tab or window. The number of visitors may not correspond with the number of visitors you see in your Google Analytics account.

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