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We are currently offering the following kinds of cooperation:

Would you like to cooperate on a different basis? Feel free to contact us, we're happy to consider any other possible forms of cooperation between you and us.

Affiliate partners

Popoverify has built-in Affiliate Program and all registered users can act as affiliate partners. You earn credits by participating in our affiliate program. You can spend these credits by using our services or you can convert them back to real money. 100 credits has a value of $1.00.

Refer new users to our service and you will receive a percentage of the credits from each of their credit charges. Referral percentage starts at 10% and if you reach reasonable amount of referrals you can contact us for more.

Our Affiliate program is not limited in time. Once you get a referral, you get a percentage from each of its future payments not only from the first payment. You can easily earn hundreds of US dollars a month depending on how many referrals you have.

Please see detailed Terms & Conditions of our Affiliate Program. You can learn there, how our referral program works, what you can do, what you should not do and other information.

Agencies and platform owners

Do you like our service and want to integrate it to your platform and benefit from it? Have customers for which could our service be attractive? We will do our best for possible cooperation. Contact us to negotiate individual conditions of cooperation. Collaborate with the best in the business!

Non-profit organisations

We greatly appreciate all forms of charitable activities and we are ready to cooperate by providing our platform for your website free of charge. If you are interested in using Popoverify, please get in touch with us and we can donate credits to use it for free.

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