Internet protocols

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Context help for commonly used Internet protocols. Library explains abbreviations like HTTP, FTP, SSH and many others. All definitions are linked to Wikipedia. See table of contents.

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In order for computers to communicate with one another, standard methods of information transfer and processing have been devised. These are often referred as internet protocols. The most common internet protocols are TCP, IP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP and IMAP.

Table of contents

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Address Resolution Protocol ARP  
Border Gateway Protocol BGP  
Datagram Congestion Control Protocol DCCP  
Domain Name System DNS  
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHCP  
Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol XMPP   Jabber  
File Transfer Protocol FTP   FTPS  
Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP   HTTPS  
Internet Control Message Protocol ICMP  
Internet Group Management Protocol IGMP  
Internet Message Access Protocol IMAP   IMAPS   IMAP4  
Internet Protocol IPv4   IPv6   IP  
Internet Protocol Security IPsec  
Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol L2TP  
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol LDAP  
Media Gateway Control Protocol MGCP  
Neighbor Discovery Protocol NDP  
Network News Transfer Protocol NNTP  
Network Time Protocol NTP  
Open Network Computing Remote Procedure Call ONC/RPC   ONC   ONC RPC  
Open Shortest Path First OSPF  
Point-to-Point Protocol PPP  
Post Office Protocol POP   POP3   POP3S  
Real-time Streaming Protocol RTSP  
Real-time Transport Protocol RTP  
Resource Reservation Protocol RSVP  
Routing Information Protocol RIP  
Secure Shell SSH  
Session Initiation Protocol SIP  
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SMTP  
Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP  
Stream Control Transmission Protocol SCTP  
Telnet Telnet  
Transmission Control Protocol TCP  
Transport Layer Security TLS   SSL  
User Datagram Protocol UDP