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Context help for abbreviations after a doctor's name. Library explains most of the english doctor abbreviations from medical and dental degrees, medical associations and others. See table of contents.

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Table of contents

Item name Phrases
Doctor of Audiology AuD   Au.D.  
Doctor of Chiropractic DC   D.C.  
Doctor of Dental Medicine DMD  
Doctor of Dental Surgery DDS  
Doctor of Divinity DD   D.D.   D.Div.  
Doctor of Education DEd   EdD   D.Ed.   Ed.D.  
Doctor of Jurisprudence JD   J.D.  
Doctor of Medicine MD   M.D.  
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine DO   D.O.  
Doctor of Pharmacy PharmD   Pharm.D.  
Doctor of Philosophy DPhil   PhD  
Doctor of Physical Therapy DPT  
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine DPM   D.P.M.  
Doctor of Public Administration DPA   D.P.A.  
Doctor of Public Health DPH   DrPH  
Doctor of Science ScD   Sc.D.   DS   D.S.  
Doctor of Science in Nursing DSN   D.N.S   DNSc   D.N.Sc.  
Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy DScPT   DPTSc  
Doctor of Social Science SScD   DSSc   DSocSci  
Doctor of Theology ThD   Th.D.   DTh   D.Th.  
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine DVM   VMD  
Ear, nose and throat specialist ENT  
Fellow Faculty of Public Health Medicine FFPHM  
Fellow Faculty of Radiologists FFR  
Fellow of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine FAAEM  
Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians FAAFP  
Fellow of the American Medical Association FACS  
Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada FRCPSC  
General Practitioner GP  
Gynecologist GYN  
Magister Chirurgiae MCh   M.Ch.   MChir   M.Chir.  
Master of Surgery MS   M.S.  
Member Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists MRCOG  
Member Royal College of Surgeons MRCS  
Obstetrician and Gynecologist OB/GYN   OBG  
Psychologist PSYCH