Degree Abbreviations - Master level

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Context help library containing the degree abbreviations which are used in education sphere (master level). See table of contents.

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In North America, the Master of Theology (Latin: Theologiae Magister, abbreviated Th.M.) is a post graduate degree considered by the Association of Theological Schools to be the minimum educational credential for teaching theological subjects in accredited schools. The degree is usually earned after the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) or an equivalent of three years of graduate studies in theology. This degree can range from one or two years of specialized advanced studies in theological research (i.e. Counseling, Church History, Systematic Theology, etc.).

Table of contents

Item name Phrases
M.S. in Chemistry M.S.Chem.  
M.S. in Computer Science M.S.C.S.  
M.S. in Criminal Justice M.S.C.J.  
M.S. in Forensic Science M.S.F.S.  
M.S. in Marine Science M.S.M.Sci.  
M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering M.S.Met.  
Master of Accountancy M.Acct.  
Master of Aquaculture M.Aqua  
Master of Arts A.M.   M.A  
Master of Business Administration M.B.A.   MBA  
Master of Communication Disorders M.C.D  
Master of Computer Science M.C.S.  
Master of Divinity M.Div   MDiv  
Master of Education M.Ed.   Ed.M.  
Master of Engineering M.E.  
Master of Forestry M.Fstry.  
Master of Landscape Architecture M.L.Arch.  
Master of Library & Information Studies M.L.I.S.  
Master of Music M.M.   M.Mus.  
Master of Political Science M.P.S.  
Master of Science MS   M.S.  
Master of Social Work M.S.W.   MSW  
Master of Software Engineering M.Sw.E  
Master of Theology Th.M.   M.Th.