Popoverify features

visual appearance

Customize the appearance of an information popup window according to the needs of your website. Our visual generator control can be handled even by a small child and you can certainly do it too.

Customize the text color, text size, alignment, background, border radius and other things according to your needs.

Customizable visual appearance
Advanced options of the context help

Advanced options
of the context help

We go beyond the boundaries of common contextual help and doing it so we make it much more usable and attractive for users.

In addition to a regular text you can paste title, image, link, CTA button and attribution text to inline help. You can also bind one information popup to multiple phrases.

Multilingual support

Localization and support for multiple languages are a matter of course. For your content you can choose any language and connect it to your website.

We also support multilungual websites running on one domain. Simply create multiple applications for one domain and bind them to corresponding website and language.

Multilingual support
Easily connectable to any website

Easily connectable to any website

To put Popoverify on your site you do not need to be a developer. We try to make things easy to use and for all.

Deployment will only require basic technical knowledge:

  • attaching Javascript to your source code,
  • or being able to use Google Tag Manager,
  • or knowing how to install a WordPress plugin.

Device independent

Popoverify is developed based on mobile first strategy and will look great on all devices and it does not matter whether it is used on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Popoverify works perfectly on all types of devices with up to date browser and it will bring benefits to most users visiting your web pages.

Device independent
Private and shared libraries

Private and shared libraries

Content you provide to Popoverify is private by default and visible only to you. We offer the possibility to share your content with other Popoverify users. It's up to you whether you leave your content private or if you make it visible to others and share it.

If you contribute to our community and if you share your libraries with other users, you can use Popoverify for FREE.

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